SYKES Enterprises: Career Opportunities for Military Spouses

Disclaimer: This is a paid post. Blue Star Families recently released survey results showing something that most of us in the military community already knew on an intuitive level; that employment opportunities for spouses is one of our biggest concerns in day-to-day life as a military family. SYKES Enterprises is … Continue reading

A German Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving will be our first time hosting the holiday meal. Our families are in the US and we’re in Germany, but we were lucky enough to have friends with frequent flier miles who made their way to Deutschland for the week. The highlight of this year’s Thanksgiving is that … Continue reading

Wife and War: The Memoir

*** This post was written in trade for a complimentary copy of Amalie Flynn’s ebook, “Wife and War: The Memoir”. All opinions are my own.  *** Many of us in the military spouse community think of ourselves as writers; we write blog posts for our own sites and as guest bloggers. Amelie … Continue reading

Spartan Race Giveaway

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. I’m promoting Spartan Race in exchange for a free race entry to give away here on Marrying the Army. All opinions are my own. If you’ve been reading Marrying the Army for long, you’ll know that running’s played an important role in my life … Continue reading

The Top 3 Things I Learned in My Pre-Command Spouse's Course

I just came home from an (awesome) week-long pre-command spouse’s training in Grafenwoehr, Germany. 30 Captains, Majors, and First Sergeants met in one classroom while six spouses met down the hall each day last week. We came from all over Europe (Germany, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands) to take the course, and … Continue reading

The Inspired Spouse: Clare Macnaughton (Part 1)

Yesterday on Marrying the Army, I highlighted Clare Macnaughton’s new book, A Modern Military Mother – Tales from the Domestic Frontline, and today I’m thrilled to feature her as a Marrying the Army Inspired Spouse. Clare has traveled the world as the Communications Director on the Velux 5 Oceans solo yacht … Continue reading

Grace in Small Things (GiST): 7/14/13

Possibly my shortest-ever GiST post: 1. I’m thankful for my husband, and for the adventures we’ve already taken together. It’s gonna be a good lifetime together when it’s all done and said. 2. I’m so glad for unlimited calling to the USA. Calling our families and friends when we feel … Continue reading

The Inspired Spouse: Kaylah Lauré Summerfelt (Part 2 of 2)

Yesterday you met professional photographer and Marine Corps spouse Kaylah Lauré Summerfelt. I love Kaylah’s story not because she’s got a great attitude, but because she had the courage to walk down a nontraditional path; leaving a college degree program behind in order to pursue a photography certificate from the … Continue reading

The Inspired Spouse: Kaylah Lauré Summerfelt (Part 1 of 2)

Today’s Inspired Spouse is professional photographer and Marine Corps spouse, Kaylah Lauré Summerfelt. Now, readers, I know some of you just rolled your eyes and thought, “Oh, whatever! Every military wife who picks up a camera and edits a crappy picture and has a Facebook page thinks she’s a photographer … Continue reading

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