Brides Across America

Last week I had one of the most touching experiences of my adult life. I was given a beautiful, brand new, free wedding dress — no strings attached — just because I’m a military fiance as part of a program called Brides Across America. In order to qualify, brides can’t yet … Continue reading

Getting Squared Away

My head is cluttered with acronyms, abbreviations, and numbers that seem to lack meaning and context to me. Terms like “traumatic brain injury” are swirling eerily with a woman’s quiet voice answering the question, “What does it mean when your phone rings” with “your solider’s okay.” My heart becomes lighter … Continue reading


I purchased my first YMCA membership from the Prospect Park Y in Brooklyn, New York in 2006, and I’ve been a member ever since. After leaving the Prospect Park Y, I transferred my membership to the Green Point YMCA, and later to the YMCA of Greater St. Louis, where I … Continue reading

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