How to Pack My Bags: Giving Birth in a German Hospital


View image | We’re just a few weeks away from our baby girl’s due date, so it’s time to pack my hospital bag. When you’re stationed in Germany, you may or may not be on a post that has an American military hospital. In our case (in Wiesbaden, Germany), … Continue reading

34 Weeks Pregnant — Daydreaming of Sushi & Beer

Pregnant - Daydreaming of Sushi and Beer - MilliGFunk

I’m in the final weeks of my first pregnancy, and while I’d like to say that I’m romantically distracted with images of frilly little baby girl clothes and a milk-drunk baby asleep in my arms, the truth is that I’m not. Not yet, at least. I don’t yet know what … Continue reading

I Don’t Believe in New Year’s Resolutions

Groundhogs Day

I don’t believe in New Year’s Resolutions, and here’s why: 1. Big Goals Are Achieved By Taking Small Steps I’ve achieved a few of my big life goals; I’ve lived in Asia (pre-Army-spouse-life), I’ve run a full marathon, I speak Mandarin Chinese, and I’ve started a freelance business for myself. … Continue reading

Our 1st German Christmas Tree

Picking out a German Christmas Tree

Merry Christmas Eve from Wiesbaden, Germany! Ever since we’ve been a couple, we’ve bought a Christmas tree together for our house. Among the many changes year-to-year in location, family plans, and travel, picking our tree might be our one and only true family tradition. This year, we brought that tradition … Continue reading


Bump Pics by Britney Brown Photography

Heads out of gutters, friends — That’s “Bump Pics” not “Bum Pics”. (But if you do want to read about pregnancy bum, check this post out.) We’re 32 weeks into our first pregnancy, and it’s been a humbling, sometimes painful, overall blessed pregnancy. We decided to honor all of this … Continue reading

SYKES Enterprises: Career Opportunities for Military Spouses

Disclaimer: This is a paid post. Blue Star Families recently released survey results showing something that most of us in the military community already knew on an intuitive level; that employment opportunities for spouses is one of our biggest concerns in day-to-day life as a military family. SYKES Enterprises is … Continue reading

Haus der Geschichte der Bundesrepublik Germany

Haus der Geschichte - tank - MilliGFunk

In Bonn, Germany, there’s a museum devoted entirely to Germany from 1945 to present; the Haus der Geschichte der Bundesrepublik Germany. The museum’s permanent exhibition is curated chronologically, and features large and small memorabilia and artifacts that represent Germany over the last 65+ years. The museum was large and well-lit, … Continue reading

A German Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving will be our first time hosting the holiday meal. Our families are in the US and we’re in Germany, but we were lucky enough to have friends with frequent flier miles who made their way to Deutschland for the week. The highlight of this year’s Thanksgiving is that … Continue reading

Happy Halloween from Marrying the Army!

Halloween is a fun time of year, and I’m curious to know what our favorite part is? Is it pumpkin carving? Seeing neighborhood kids in their costumes? Brainstorming your own costumes for you, your spouse, and your kids (or four legged family members)? Our Halloween week has been so busy … Continue reading

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