Viet Nam 48 Years Later: A Guest Post by Sue

Thank you to Sue for this guest post and for her encouragement when my own husband was deployed in 2012. It’s reassuring to know that high school sweethearts who were separated for more than a year during Viet Nam are still happily married 48+ years later.  On his 18th birthday, … Continue reading

Freelance Writers Appreciation Week: Jessica Lynn

Today’s featured freelance writer and military spouse is Jessica Lynn of Jessica Lynn Writes. Jessica is the voice behind Jessica Lynn Writes (, a lifestyle blog documenting her life as a new mom, a military wife, a writer, a foodie, globetrotter, and an accidental southern girl. As a former assistant editor for a … Continue reading

The Fog: A Guest Post by Chambanachick

Chambanachick Guest Post

Thanks so much to Melissa for asking me to write in her space today! Wishing you all the best for the upcoming labor day. Congratulations on the little girl joining your family soon! It settles in the first time that baby with the softest hair and sweetest breath is placed … Continue reading

What Army Life is Really Like: 4 States, 2 Countries, & 1 Decision in 4 Minutes

What Army Life is Really Like: Decisions

I wrote a blog post once about what deployment is really like. In that post, I talked a little bit about the contrast between civilian and military life. Friday, I had another “We’re not civilians, anymore” moment when I got a mid-day call from my husband. Before I tell you … Continue reading

Marrying the Army's Most Popular Posts of 2013

I’m always curious which posts resonate most with my readers, so I did a little research on my most-viewed blog posts in 2013. The best practice would be to write more frequently about the topics that have historically been the most popular, but you know what? I’m pretty darned happy not having … Continue reading

Freelance Writers Appreciation Week

January is quickly nearing its end, and I’m due with our first kiddo in mid-February. The result? I’m preparing content Marrying the Army now for those first few blurry-eyed weeks of life with a(n awesome) little baby. You may or may not realize that my blog is only a little … Continue reading

Follow Me on Bloglovin’

  Shamefully, it never really occurred to me to ask you to follow me on Bloglovin’. That is, it never occurred to me until I realized that I only had 15 Bloglovin’ followers (compared to more than 400 on Pinterest, more than 200 on Facebook, and more than 2,700 on … Continue reading

Marathoner to Mommy: What a Difference A Year Makes

Marathoner to Mommy

Today in 2013, I Ran My First Full Marathon Nick was recently home from Afghanistan, we were quickly approaching our first wedding anniversary, and I’d spent the previous 9 months counting down his deployment and running — a lot. Today in 2014, I’m 36 Weeks Pregnant We’re in Germany now, … Continue reading

34 Weeks Pregnant — Daydreaming of Sushi & Beer

Pregnant - Daydreaming of Sushi and Beer - MilliGFunk

I’m in the final weeks of my first pregnancy, and while I’d like to say that I’m romantically distracted with images of frilly little baby girl clothes and a milk-drunk baby asleep in my arms, the truth is that I’m not. Not yet, at least. I don’t yet know what … Continue reading

I Don’t Believe in New Year’s Resolutions

Groundhogs Day

I don’t believe in New Year’s Resolutions, and here’s why: 1. Big Goals Are Achieved By Taking Small Steps I’ve achieved a few of my big life goals; I’ve lived in Asia (pre-Army-spouse-life), I’ve run a full marathon, I speak Mandarin Chinese, and I’ve started a freelance business for myself. … Continue reading

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