Packing Away the Medals

The movers came today to pack all of our household goods, and they’ll return tomorrow to load everything for shipment to Germany. Surprisingly, today wasn’t sad. It’s my first Army PCS, but somehow, I think I’ve already accepted that purging and packing are part of Army life. There was a … Continue reading

Running My First Marathon

Nick-&-Melissa-at-Mile-7 - MilliGFunk

Months of training and hundreds of miles of running were behind me, as were all nine months of my husband’s deployment to Afghanistan. I ran 19 races in 2012, including half marathons, 10-milers, 10Ks and shorter fun runs, all in an effort to healthfully manage the ups and downs of … Continue reading

Pikes Peak Marathon & Ascent

This weekend will be held in my memory as one of the best weekends of my first year in Colorado Springs. I arrived in the Springs a year ago yesterday, and I spent my one year anniversary on the summit of Pikes Peak, volunteering for the Pikes Peak Ascent and … Continue reading

I Love Moving Comfort

I’m a genuine advocate of Moving Comfort’s sports bras (I don’t run in anything else), but I’ve never tried wearing any of the company’s other women’s athletic apparel. That’s why I’m super-pumped about the Moving Comfort things I found under the Christmas tree this morning. Being stationed at Fort Carson … Continue reading

Go! St. Louis

Until recently, I didn’t know that St. Louis had a marathon. I found out about it when I signed up for the Go! St. Louis 5K. The 5K was one of the first events in an entire weekend of family activities, fun runs and competitive runs. Having not had much to … Continue reading

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