Once You’re Real You Can’t Be Ugly

This morning I pulled one of my favorite children’s books—The Velveteen Rabbit—from the shelf to read to Small Shaw. When I reached Page 8, I stopped. The passage, spoken by the Skin Horse to the Velveteen Rabbit, could have been written for just about any mother I know. “…by the … Continue reading

Baby Shower


You guys, my friends and family are so thoughtful. Seriously, seriously wonderful people. I hope for every new mom out there that your friends and families are even halfway as supportive as mine have been through my pregnancy. I flew to the US in early November for a baby shower, … Continue reading

Grace in Small Things (GiST): 6/9/13

There’s so much to be thankful for this week! Mail I received two pieces of mail this week from friends in the U.S. Both of them made me happy, and — I’m not gonna lie — made me feel kind of awesome inside. I’m so lucky to have thoughtful friends … Continue reading

Visiting the Dole Plantation

MilliGFunk Being Silly at the Dole Plantation

I promised that I’d share a few of our honeymoon adventures, but our time with family and friends has definitely taken priority since we came back from Hawaii. I shared our perspectives with you on sea kayaking, and I also shared a few pictures of and a blog post about … Continue reading

40th Anniversary

My brother is in the Air Force and my husband is in the Army, so we were lucky that all four of us (my brother, his girlfriend, my husband and I) were all able to be home in Missouri to help my parents celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary this weekend. … Continue reading

Packing Away the Medals

The movers came today to pack all of our household goods, and they’ll return tomorrow to load everything for shipment to Germany. Surprisingly, today wasn’t sad. It’s my first Army PCS, but somehow, I think I’ve already accepted that purging and packing are part of Army life. There was a … Continue reading

Deployment: First Phone Call in Ten Weeks

There are a lot of things that I’m not; I’m not tall, I’m not rich, I’m not good at math, I’m not patient. But one thing I am is incredibly blessed. I’ve only been married for six months, but I’ve been able to share ups and downs with my husband … Continue reading

Simple Pleasures: A Good Mail Day

On a single day this week, I found three nice surprises in our mailbox: 1. A cute card from my husband’s mom 2. A Service Flag 3. A hand-made card from Sue If you aren’t familiar with Service Flags, they’re hung/flown by the immediate family of a deployment service member. … Continue reading

This is Marrying the Army

We get to talk so infrequently, and our chats are so short that sometimes when he says goodbye, I can feel him slipping away – a cool mercury that I can’t hold onto no matter how hard I try. In winter, when the air is bitter outside but warm inside, … Continue reading

Getting Squared Away

My head is cluttered with acronyms, abbreviations, and numbers that seem to lack meaning and context to me. Terms like “traumatic brain injury” are swirling eerily with a woman’s quiet voice answering the question, “What does it mean when your phone rings” with “your solider’s okay.” My heart becomes lighter … Continue reading

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