10 Miles of Asphalt Trails Between Hohenfels and Kallmunz

Beautiful VIews Between Hohenfels and Kallmunz

  If you enjoy running, cycling, or taking long walks, you’re going to love living in and traveling in Germany. There are bike paths all over in the bigger cities, and drivers are more accustomed to bike traffic on roads here than they are in the States. Even in small … Continue reading

Exploring Kallmünz Castle Ruins

Kallmünz Castle Ruins

Kallmünz, Germanyis charming medieval town of about 3,000 people with cobblestone alleyways, gently leaning old buildings, a medieval stone bridge, and the ruins of a castle, which a friend recently took me to see for the first time. What I’ve read online about the ruins is that the earliest castle … Continue reading

Day Trip Week is Done!

Day Trip Week was a success! Inspired by our husbands being out of town this week, another new mom and I took our little ones on five day trips in six days. We had such much fun that it’s hard to believe that our husbands are already back from their time … Continue reading

Day Trip to Kallmünz, Germany

On Tuesday, I told you about Day Trip Week, and how I was hoping to practice using specific settings on my Nikon D7000 DSLR as I day tripped around Bavaria. One of our first day trips of the week was to Kallmünz, Germany, a Bavarian town of around 3,000 people … Continue reading

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