My Very First Bubble Tea

My First Bubble Tea on

As part of my Taiwanese culinary adventures, I’ve now eaten at a street-vendor noodle shop and had my very first bubble tea. The noodles were good, but the tea was fun. 🙂 Bubble tea is a very milky tea (in different flavors) with big tapioca balls at the bottom. The … Continue reading

A #ThrowbackThursday Post: New Forms of Terrorism

A #ThrowbackThursday post about new forms of terrorism from

Originally written and published on my blog, A Year in Taipei on August 11, 2006. My mom and I had just settled into our hotel in Ohio for the night when we saw the news on CNN about the disrupted attempt to blow up the planes headed from the UK … Continue reading

The Three Best Things About Bodegas Pago de Tharsys

Wine Tasting at Bodegas Pago de Tharsys

  We started our week in Spain off with a little bit of time in Spanish wine country. Our first destination? The beautiful little town of Requeña, which sits in the heart of a wine region by almost the same name; Utiel Requeña. The town of Requeña is quaint and … Continue reading

Travel: Where I’ve Been


Today on Facebook, I saw an interactive map making the rounds among my Friends who’ve been stationed overseas. Thinking about the many travels I’ve been blessed to take over the last couple of decades, I decided to see what my own world travel map would look like. It’s pretty neat … Continue reading

Babywearing the Jet-Lagged Infant

Baby Wearing the Jet Lagged Infant

It turns out that international travel is hard on babies. Who knew? We got back to Germany on a Friday morning, and I swear it took at least a week for Small Shaw to stop crying. Okay, that’s an exaggeration, but I’m not joking when I say it took nearly … Continue reading

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