5 Tips for Transitioning from Wife to Wife & Mom


Thank you to Vanessa from Bible, Beer, & Babies for helping fill Marrying the Army with great content while I take some time off to learn how to be a wife *and* a mom. Five years ago I eagerly awaited my husband to call. We had just said goodbye in … Continue reading

Moments that Change Everything: Welcoming Our Baby Girl

MilliGFunk - Moments that Change Everything

Our baby girl made her way into the world after 41 weeks of pregnancy, and she’s even more perfect than we could have imagined. Already, she makes us laugh and melts our hearts with the sweet expressions and the noises she makes. The highlights of our first few days together … Continue reading

Folding Baby Clothes: A Daddy’s Guest Post

MilliGFunk Pregnancy Guest Post by Nick

My husband is generally not a man of many words, but when he does talk, most of what he says is pretty sharp-witted. His humor is one of the many things I love about him, so I’m glad to be able to share it with you today. Here’s his perspective … Continue reading

Viet Nam 48 Years Later: A Guest Post by Sue

Thank you to Sue for this guest post and for her encouragement when my own husband was deployed in 2012. It’s reassuring to know that high school sweethearts who were separated for more than a year during Viet Nam are still happily married 48+ years later.  On his 18th birthday, … Continue reading

What Army Life is Really Like: 4 States, 2 Countries, & 1 Decision in 4 Minutes

What Army Life is Really Like: Decisions

I wrote a blog post once about what deployment is really like. In that post, I talked a little bit about the contrast between civilian and military life. Friday, I had another “We’re not civilians, anymore” moment when I got a mid-day call from my husband. Before I tell you … Continue reading

Busting the Myth of the "Typical Army Spouse"

If you believe that there’s such a thing as a “typical Army spouse”, I have bad news for you; the “typical Army spouse” is a big, fat myth. It’s a safety blanket for spouses who are too new or too scared or too removed from the Army culture to get … Continue reading

Why He's Not "My Soldier"

When I met my husband, I didn’t meet a soldier — I met a man. When we went on our first dates together, I was on those dates with Nick, not with [insert rank] [insert surname]. When he kissed me for the first time, the only thing remotely military in … Continue reading

Grace in Small Things (GiST): 7/14/13

Possibly my shortest-ever GiST post: 1. I’m thankful for my husband, and for the adventures we’ve already taken together. It’s gonna be a good lifetime together when it’s all done and said. 2. I’m so glad for unlimited calling to the USA. Calling our families and friends when we feel … Continue reading

Grace in Small Things (GiST): 6/30/2013

Wow, is it really the end of June already? It seems like our household goods just arrived, and that we just got to Germany. In fact, we’ve been here for almost two months, and our we’ve had our furniture and our vehicle for most of that. The Fourth of July holiday … Continue reading

Germany's Oldest City Part II

Yesterday I introduced you to Germany’s oldest city, Trier. I shared pictures of 2nd century Roman ruins, the 4th century Palastaula, and the town’s central market, market cross, and market fountain, built in 882, 958 and 1595, respectively. Today, I have more of Trier to share with you. Yesterday’s photos … Continue reading

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