Visiting the Dole Plantation

MilliGFunk Being Silly at the Dole Plantation

I promised that I’d share a few of our honeymoon adventures, but our time with family and friends has definitely taken priority since we came back from Hawaii. I shared our perspectives with you on sea kayaking, and I also shared a few pictures of and a blog post about … Continue reading

How Not to Wind Up Divorced Over Tandem Kayaking

It’s a joke in our family (okay, it’s a semi-truth based in real-life, fights-you’ll-never-forget experiences) that if you want to stay married, you should never, ever participate tandem activities together. No bicycles built for two, no tandem skydiving (at least not if you’re strapped to your spouse), and no tandem … Continue reading

The Hale Koa Hotel

MilliGFunk at the Hale Koa in Hawaii

“To operate a first class hotel and recreation facility at affordable prices for military members and their families.” That’s the mission of the Hale Koa Hotel in Honolulu, Hawaii. I’d read the website and had heard positive things from other Army families before our honeymoon, but I still wasn’t quite … Continue reading

Seven Amazing Days in Hawaii

Nick and I just spent seven amazing days on a beach in Hawaii. For seven days, we spent time together. Quality time. Time without laptops, televisions, movies, or social media. For seven days, we focused on enjoying whatever we were doing — swimming, reading, kayaking, dining — more than we … Continue reading

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