Trading in Skis for Snowshoes

MilliGFunk in Snowshoes

When we came home from our Christmas ski trip to Austria, I returned my skis to the Army Outdoor Rec rentals office and asked about their snowshoe rentals. For $40 I could rent a pair for a week. We had almost ten inches of fresh snowfall, and I was chomping … Continue reading

Over the Deployment Hill

For the last few weeks, I’ve been staying exhaustingly busy, and as a result, I haven’t written about some of the adventures I’ve had. In September, I ran Race #16 of Running Through Deployment: the Rock & Roll Denver Half Marathon. In October, I kept running, but I also did … Continue reading

Hiking in the Rockies

In a few weeks, I’ll be visiting the Grand Canyon for the first time with my husband’s family. The entire immediate family will be there except for him, and it breaks my heart a little in a beautiful sort of way that I’ll be blessed with the opportunity to see … Continue reading

Ozark Trail Part III: Courtois Section Miles 0-7.6

Two weeks ago I set out to hike the Ozark Trail from Onondaga Cave State Park to the Narrows Trail Head. This section of the Courtois (pronounced code-a-way) Section of the Ozark Trail is considered mile 0-7.6, and fair warning: it involves a “creek” crossing that’s more like a river expedition. For … Continue reading

St. Francois State Park: Mooner’s Hollow Trail

St. Francois State Park was a pleasant surprise. This park sits directly on US Highway 67 north of Bonne Terre, Missouri, and I’ve driven past it countless times through the years without ever visiting it. The park boasts four trails ranging in length from .5-mile (Missouri Trail) to 11-miles (Pike … Continue reading

Bee Tree Park

I spent my Sunday tooling around South County St. Louis in a convertible, taking in the sunshine and enjoying good company. After a great omelet and coffee and First Watch, we headed to Bee Tree Park to get some exercise. The park sits along the Mississippi River and has concrete and gravel trails … Continue reading

Don’t Mess with MilliGFunk

When I told my dad the news that I plan to hike the entire Ozark Trail alone, he suggested that I learn to safely carry and handle a pistol. I grew up in the country, which means I grew up around guns. My brother and I played with BB guns, … Continue reading

Ozark Trail Part II: Caves

I hiked 10 miles or so of the Courtouis (pronounced “Code-a-way”) Section of the Ozark Trail not too long ago (see spiders post). The “guide” from Bass’ River Resort, where I was camping, dropped me off at a trailhead that was supposed to lead me 7.5-8 miles through the woods back … Continue reading

Ozark Trail Part I: Spiders

Yesterday, I took a long hike on the Ozark Trail’s longest section, the Courtois (pronounced “Code-a-way”). Although I’d like to write an entire blog on the section of trail that I hiked, for now I’d like to show you some of the arachinids who were hanging out on their webs … Continue reading

Lost Valley Trail

Yesterday, I went for a hike in St. Charles County, Missouri. I usually hike in Washington, St. Francois and Ste. Genevieve Counties, so hiking futher north was a fun change of pace. The landscape in the St. Louis area is generally flatter than it is even sixty or seventy miles … Continue reading

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