Kathareid Fabric Store is a Great Find Near Regensburg

MilliGFunk at Kathareid Bauer Hand Prints Fall Open House

Not too far from the town of Beratzhausen, Germany, is a smaller town called Kathareid. There, you’ll find a store called Kathareid Bauer Hand Prints that’s filled with beautiful, hand-made fabrics, including raw fabric and finished tablecloths, curtains, pillow cases, table runners, placemats, and more. “Bauer” means “farmer” in German, so … Continue reading

Handwerkerhof Nürnberg

Handwerkerhof Nürnberg

Only in Germany will you find a tiny little medieval handworker’s village nestled into the base of an ancient roman city gate. That’s exactly what we explored this weekend in Nuremberg. The Handwerkerhof Nürnberg (Nuremberg Hand Worker’s Court) is a neat little courtyard made up of storefronts selling handmade German goods. There’s a … Continue reading

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