Is It Good to Get Paid?

I’ve been working as a marketing and brand strategist my entire career, but I’m new to the world of paid and sponsored blogging. I’ve managed marketing budgets and built (and implemented) marketing plans for large nonprofits. I’ve managed media buys and developed ad campaigns for my own employers or (when … Continue reading

I Don’t Believe in New Year’s Resolutions

Groundhogs Day

I don’t believe in New Year’s Resolutions, and here’s why: 1. Big Goals Are Achieved By Taking Small Steps I’ve achieved a few of my big life goals; I’ve lived in Asia (pre-Army-spouse-life), I’ve run a full marathon, I speak Mandarin Chinese, and I’ve started a freelance business for myself. … Continue reading

Stepping It Up for the Trekking Challenge

As if I weren’t already acutely aware of how little endurance work I’ve done since we left Colorado, I learned last week about a challenge that USAG Wiesbaden’s MRW is holding this summer called the Trailblazers Club. From now until September 14th, participants can opt to work toward one of … Continue reading

Running My Way Through this Deployment

You have two choices during your spouse’s deployment. You can make the best of things, or you can not make the best of things. I choose the former, and part of executing on that decision is using my nervous energy for something healthy. While my husband is away, I am … Continue reading

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