Running Through Deployment Race #5: Go! St. Louis Half Marathon

Go St Louis Half Marathon - Running Through Deployment

When you run, you have good races and you have bad races. The GO! St. Louis Half Marathon was the latter. Immediately after crossing the finish line, I found myself in the med tent, but we’ll come back to that. There are a whole lot of variables that come into … Continue reading

The Next Goal: Go! St. Louis Half Marathon

Running helps me focus. It gives me confidence. It keeps me feeling healthy and strong. I started running just before I turned 30. I’d never run more than 3 miles at a time, but I’d always admired runners. The runners I knew looked great. I’m not too proud to admit … Continue reading

St. Louis Sprout & About

St. Louis Sprout & About is a young but quickly growing online publication for St. Louis-area families. From summer camp listings to feature articles about upcoming events in the area, Sprout & About is a great resource for families. Thank you so much to Beckie and Jessica at Sprout for … Continue reading

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