Five Free Ways to Learn German While Stationed in Germany

5 Ways to Learn German While Stationed Overseas MilliGFunk

Living overseas can be intimidating, but knowing basic words and phrases in your host nation’s language can help you feel more confident about exploring your new home. When we moved to Germany, I wasn’t sure where I could take German lessons, and I didn’t want to spend a fortune on … Continue reading

German Lessons in Wiesbaden

When we learned that we’d be PCSing to Wiesbaden, Germany, I immediately begin exploring German language lessons, classes, and workshops. I’d taken a little bit of German in college, but had forgotten much of it when I accepted a position in a Mandarin-speaking company in Taipei, Taiwan two years later. … Continue reading

First Thursday in Wiesbaden

Happy Thursday! It’s bedtime on Thursday night here in Wiesbaden, and it’s been a good day — our first full one here in Germany. Here are my two big hoorahs for the day: First, I found the fitness center, paid in advance for spin and yoga classes, and got in … Continue reading

Destination Germany

Last week, Nick and I went together to a “Destination” class offered at Fort Carson. We’d registered for Destination Germany, but arrived to find that the class was a bit more broad, covering PCSs to Germany, Japan, Korea, Alaska and Hawaii. Both Nick and I were impressed at the take-aways … Continue reading

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