A Lack of Community Puts Strain on Army Marriages


Each time we see family back home or have friends visit from the U.S., I’m reminded of two things: 1) How blessed I am to have such great friends and family in my life, and 2) How much I miss the sense of community that exists when you live in … Continue reading

How To Not Enrage a German Beer Maid

How Not to Enrage a German Beer Maid

The answer to your first question is: beer coasters. The answer to the rest of your questions are in this post. We took our friends Miss A. and the Herr Doctor M. everywhere we could during their all-too-short August visit, including several great breweries and biergartens. It was during this … Continue reading

Bamberg’s Famous Smoked Beer

Bamberg Rachbier

The town of Bamberg, Germany is adorably and historically German, with twisting cobblestone streets, a historic town hall built on an island in the middle of the city, and nine local beer breweries. Hitting all nine breweries in one day was a little ambitious, but we made it one-third of … Continue reading

The Most-Traveled Week of 2014?

Outside the Dom in Bamberg

The past several days has been one of the most fun… one of the very busiest… and most travel-some weeks of 2014. I’m looking forward to sharing stories and pictures with you of… München biergartens and brahäuser: beer, brats, bretzleln! How not to enrage a German beer maid Surviving Neuschwanstein (a.k.a. The … Continue reading

The Postpartum Meal Train

Meal Train for New Parents MilliGFunk

Note: This is not a sponsored post. After the birth of our baby girl, our Family Readiness Group (FRG) leader did a wonderful thing for us: she organized a Meal Train. A Meal Train is a lineup of families who deliver pre-made meals to new parents. Mealtrain.com allows the organizer to … Continue reading

A German Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving will be our first time hosting the holiday meal. Our families are in the US and we’re in Germany, but we were lucky enough to have friends with frequent flier miles who made their way to Deutschland for the week. The highlight of this year’s Thanksgiving is that … Continue reading

Baby Shower


You guys, my friends and family are so thoughtful. Seriously, seriously wonderful people. I hope for every new mom out there that your friends and families are even halfway as supportive as mine have been through my pregnancy. I flew to the US in early November for a baby shower, … Continue reading

Four Reasons to Celebrate National Running Day

People Run Collage

Today is National Running Day! National Running Day, held annually on the first Wednesday in June, is a day when runners nation-wide  declare their passion for running. This is a coast-to-coast celebration of a sport that is simple, inexpensive, and fun. It is the perfect way for longtime runners to reaffirm their love of running and … Continue reading

Grace in Small Things (GiST): Mother's Day

For the big things and the small things that our mom has done for my brother and I over the years, I want to dedicate today’s Grace in Small Things post to her. Birthday candles in breakfast treats every year as kids. GiST. Grilled cheese sandwiches and Sesame Street after … Continue reading

Grace in Small Things (GiST): 5/5/13

Happy Cinco de Mayo! Today’s GiST post is a celebration of sorts, although I — unfortunately — can’t offer you a celebratory margarita through my blog. (When someone develops an app for that, I’ll be an early adopter.) We PCS to Germany in less than 72 hours, and the last … Continue reading

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