Fourth of July in Venice

Rowing a Gondola & Wearing a Baby in Venice, Italy - MilliGFunk

We may not have seen fireworks this year, but we had a pretty awesome holiday weekend with family on a getaway to Venice, Italy. We took the DeutscheBahn from Bavaria to the main station in Venice. The trip took around 8 hours, but the train was comfortable and the views … Continue reading

Fourth of July Weekend in Paris

Nick and I spent our Fourth of July weekend in Paris, France, wandering historic streets, taking pictures of gold-gilded doms and gates, and seeing some of Paris’ most famous landmarks (see our pictures, below). We’re still discovering our travel style as a couple, and this confirmed our suspicions that we … Continue reading

Grace in Small Things (GiST): 6/30/2013

Wow, is it really the end of June already? It seems like our household goods just arrived, and that we just got to Germany. In fact, we’ve been here for almost two months, and our we’ve had our furniture and our vehicle for most of that. The Fourth of July holiday … Continue reading

Fourth of July in St. Louis

This year, Fourth of July in Missouri meant rain for most of the day, so instead of BBQ or bottle rockets, I filled my day with indoor things. It wasn’t until I was standing beneath the St. Louis Arch that it really felt like the Fourth of July to me. … Continue reading

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