Too Much Excitement Makes You Crazy

Friends, let me tell you: PCSing to Germany is exciting. I work for a strategic marketing and branding firm, and I wear a few different hats. I manage client relationship and projects, and I also create content and manage messaging strategy. My last day at the firm is Friday, and … Continue reading

An OCONUS PCS for the Pup

PCSing with the Pup

One of the questions friends and family have asked us about our PSC to Germany is whether we’ll be able to bring our dog with us. Thankfully, yes, we will. I’ve been prepping Rosie for our international flight and for our arrival in Germany. Today, we had our first military veterinarian … Continue reading

Destination Germany

Last week, Nick and I went together to a “Destination” class offered at Fort Carson. We’d registered for Destination Germany, but arrived to find that the class was a bit more broad, covering PCSs to Germany, Japan, Korea, Alaska and Hawaii. Both Nick and I were impressed at the take-aways … Continue reading

An Explosion in Our Family Room

How many of you have seen this prior to a deployment, TDY or PCS? Yep, this is what I came home to at the end of the work week. Even the dog was scared. My husband had the day off, so he used it to begin sorting through his Army-issued stuff, … Continue reading

An Easter Brunch, an Easter Race, and an Easter Wish

Hams and Hamstrings 2012 MilliGFunk

It’s the end of the day on Easter Sunday, and although it’s been bittersweet having my husband gone on one of my favorite holidays, I’m feeling thankful for the good things that are happening in my life despite his deployment. I’ve missed Nick today, but brunch at Fort Carson with … Continue reading

Running My Way Through this Deployment

You have two choices during your spouse’s deployment. You can make the best of things, or you can not make the best of things. I choose the former, and part of executing on that decision is using my nervous energy for something healthy. While my husband is away, I am … Continue reading

Deployment Fair at Fort Carson

We attended a deployment fair last night at Fort Carson. It was my first, and I’m not sure how I felt about it. There were representatives from Army Community Services (ACS), The Red Cross, Military OneSource, Military & Family LIfe Consultants, Tricare, Religious Services, the post’s Wellness Center, Family Readiness … Continue reading

I Love Moving Comfort

I’m a genuine advocate of Moving Comfort’s sports bras (I don’t run in anything else), but I’ve never tried wearing any of the company’s other women’s athletic apparel. That’s why I’m super-pumped about the Moving Comfort things I found under the Christmas tree this morning. Being stationed at Fort Carson … Continue reading

My First Coffee

I’d heard rumors online about something called “Coffees”; social events held by and for smaller groups of Army officers’ wives. The word on the street – or on the Internet, as the case may be – was that Coffees could be great or terrible, depending on who the women were … Continue reading

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