Kuhstall Cafe

Ten minutes east of Parsberg is a dairy farm with a twist: the loft of its barn has been converted into a dairy cafe. The Kuhstall Cafe (“the cowshed cafe”) has become one of my favorite local businesses to take friends to. The cafe’s loft looks out over the cows in the barn , and … Continue reading

RFT Web Awards Party

I haven’t owned a television since 1999, and I’m pretty content that way. Occasionally, however, something will be televised that I really do want to see. Last night’s State of the Union Address was one of those things. As a result, I paid my parents an overnight visit, borrowing their t.v. … Continue reading

A Small Town Girl’s Guide in Insider573 Magazine

Tom Smugala, editor of Insider573 Magazine, contacted me in November to ask if I’d be interested in having Insider do a story about me, my return to Missouri, and A Small Town Girl’s Guide. I jumped at the opportunity to write for Insider again (I’ve written for the last two … Continue reading

Hammond Farms

A week ago I attended the Desoto, Missouri Farmers Market. Desoto is a small town located thirty miles or so south of St. Louis, and its farmers market was a really strong one. One of the most fun parts of the Desoto Farmers Market is the animals for sale by … Continue reading

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