Our Run-In with God in the Grocery Store

Our Run-In with God in the Grocery Store - MilliGFunk

Our Run-In with God in the Grocery Store I like traveling to places where I don’t know the language — especially when it’s a language that uses characters I’m not familiar with. There’s something about complete local illiteracy that adds to the exoticism of travel. Granted, I also like being … Continue reading

The Pension Kometer Frühstückpension

The Pension Kometer Frühstückpension

We spent Christmas week at the Pension Kometer Frühstückpension —  a guesthouse with the personalization of a bed & breakfast with the professionalism of a hotel — in Kitzbuehel, Austria. Pension Kometer’s personal touches are the manifestation of Frau Kometer’s passion for her business. From what I gathered, she’s run the pension for more than twenty years, … Continue reading

Olde Tyme Pantry

Tonight’s blog is one I’ve intended to write for two months, as Olde Tyme Pantry was one of the first places I visited, camera in tow, upon my relocation from NYC to Farmington in late February. The simple concrete and steel frame of Olde Tyme Pantry is complimented by rustic … Continue reading

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