Making Our German Easter Bread Wreath

Easter Bread Wreath - MilliGFunk

Germany has been such a fascinating place to live during Lent and Easter. I’ve written already about many of the German Easter traditions (see bottom of this post for links), but today I want to talk about the German tradition of Easter bread wreaths. My research (and by “research”, I … Continue reading

What’s in an Osterhase

A Sweet Osterhase MilliGFunk

I love trying out new things, so Easter season at German bakeries is a time that’s ripe with opportunities to indulge my curiosity. Easter is an important time in German culture, both socially and spiritually. Schools take a week off, and many families take a long vacation the week of Easter. Of … Continue reading

Our Bavarian Bloggers’ Meet-Up at the Nuremberg Easter Market

Bonked Out Bloggers - Photo Courtesy of JavaCupcake

One of the best things about blogging is meeting — and learning from other bloggers. Last weekend was my first bloggers’ meet-up in more than two years, and this wasn’t just any meet-up; it was a meet-up of American bloggers living halfway around the world in Bavarian Germany. Betsy (a.k.a. @JavaCupcake) … Continue reading

An Easter Brunch, an Easter Race, and an Easter Wish

Hams and Hamstrings 2012 MilliGFunk

It’s the end of the day on Easter Sunday, and although it’s been bittersweet having my husband gone on one of my favorite holidays, I’m feeling thankful for the good things that are happening in my life despite his deployment. I’ve missed Nick today, but brunch at Fort Carson with … Continue reading

Simple Pleasures: Silly Holiday Goodies

The last couple of weeks have been a roller coaster ride, with high points trending largely around running, phone calls from Afghanistan (albeit few in number and short in length) and checking the mail in the evenings. Among the happy surprises in our mail box this week have been a … Continue reading

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