The Many Smaller Christmas Markets of Cologne

The Many Christmas Markets of Cologne via

Below the enormous, gothic Cologne Cathedral lies a city that’s known for its Kolsch beer and its location on the Rhine River. Cologne is a cultural hub for the region, boasting music performances, museums, and other attractions as well as countless great restaurants and Biergartens. At Christmas time, though, it’s easy … Continue reading

Flaming Coffee, American Donuts, and More at the Rudesheim Christmas Market

The Rudesheim Christmas Market on

Of the 15 or 20 Christmas Markets we’ve visited in Europe, the Christmas Market in Rudesheim, Germany, is one of our absolute favorites. The town of Rudesheim is hilly and quaint, situated directly on the Rhine River. The area is known for Riesling production, so in the summer months you’ll … Continue reading

Rüdesheim, Germany

Rüdesheim, Germany, became one of our favorite day trip spots when we lived in Wiesbaden. The two towns are less than 25 minutes apart by car or train, and there’s a Rhine River valley bike trail that connects them. Rüdesheim is known mostly for its Riesling wines and its flaming … Continue reading

The Rüdesheim Wine Museum

Rudesheim Wine Museum

Our very first German day trip was a cycling trip to a Rhine River Valley town that became one of our favorites near Wiesbaden; Rüdesheim. Rüdesheim sits right on the River Rhine. Castles dot the river valley, and vineyards climb the hilly terrain. Rudesheim is well-known as the center of … Continue reading

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