Our Visit to the National Arboretum

Visiting the National Arboretum

One of the most exciting things about our move to Northern Virginia is that some of the greatest arts, cultural, and historical sites in America are in the District of Columbia. Although we’ve been hard at work unpacking boxes and renovating part of our new house, we managed to sneak out … Continue reading

Busting the Myth of the "Typical Army Spouse"

If you believe that there’s such a thing as a “typical Army spouse”, I have bad news for you; the “typical Army spouse” is a big, fat myth. It’s a safety blanket for spouses who are too new or too scared or too removed from the Army culture to get … Continue reading

48 Hours in St. Louis Part I: Culture

A friend will be visiting me in February for just 48 hours.  I have plenty of ideas for small town Missouri adventures, but I want to show my friend the best St. Louis has to offer culturally, too. Here’s my St. Louis cultural hot spot Top 10 list. Note: The … Continue reading

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