Delicious and Healthy Christmas Breakfast Foods

FittaMamma healthy pancakes

Merry Christmas! I hope that tonight’s blog post finds you uplighted and loved. It’s been a relaxing Christmas Eve and Christmas Day at our house. We watched the Opus & Bill movie, On Christmas Eve afternoon, we watched the Opus & Bill movie, A Wish for Wings that Work. After that, … Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday: Our First Turkey

Our First Turkey

It took 21 months of marriage before my husband and I were able to celebrate our first married Thanksgiving together. Here we are, with our first turkey. One thing is certain about starting marriage with a deployment: It makes you immensely thankful for the time you have together.

Asparagus Leek Soup

I love hearty, healthy soups. And because I’m allergic to soy, it’s really tough to find store bought soups that won’t upset my tummy. (Check just about any mainstream soup brand, and you’re likely to find soy products/proteins listed in the ingredients.) Several years ago, I was given a soup … Continue reading

Healthy Fall Recipes For This Weekend

I love fall, I love food, and I love cooking healthy meals. I want to share a few of my favorite fall recipes with you. All of these are relatively easy (expect to spend an hour or so in the kitchen), overall pretty healthy, and fantastically fall. 1. Chicken with Brussels … Continue reading

Soy-Free Muffin Mix! (& the Incredible Popover Pan)

Outside, rain drizzled and the sun hit behind a gray wall of clouds. Inside, hot tea steamed in front of me as I sat at the computer, clicking away at a freelance job. The smell of hot blueberry muffins filled the kitchen as our terrier lay curled into a ball … Continue reading

Soy-Free Cooking: A Little Help from Mom

Nobody can comfort you like your momma can, and my momma is no exception. She arrived in Denver yesterday afternoon to spend a week with me, helping to keep my mind off of Nick’s deployment. It’s been nice celebrating Mother’s Day with her. We had a relaxing morning, went to … Continue reading

Home Made Quiche

I baked my first homemade quiche tonight: This feta-spinach-mushroom goodness was – believe it or not – relatively healthy! I’m a big fan of Spark People Recipes, a user-generated pool of searchable recipes that also includes nutritional information on each recipe. This quiche had less than 200 calories per serving … Continue reading

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