PCS Traditions

PCSs mean goodbyes, broken household goods, and new scratches on your furniture. They mean long drives, too much take-out food, restless nights and grouchy days. But moving — like so many other things in life — is made a lot easier when framed in a positive light. That’s why we’ve … Continue reading

My Last Thursday Night Run Club


Ugh, this one’s hard to write. Thursday night was my last time running with the Thursday Night Run Club in Colorado Springs. The Run Club gave me something to look forward to every Thursday night while Nick was in Afghanistan. Each week, we’d run, we’d swap stories about recent races, … Continue reading

Pre-Redeployment & Nesting

I stay pretty busy most of the time, so I don’t often find myself with an entirely open weekend. Besides a lunch date yesterday with one of our favorite Army couples (a friend of Nick’s and his wife), I’ve had a completely unbooked weekend. We’re just over a month from … Continue reading

Colorado Springs Bike to Work Day

I tried something completely new last Wednesday: I rode my bike to work. The 19th annual Metro Rides Bike to Work Day in Colorado Springs was originally scheduled for the summer, but the Waldo Canyon Fires forced it to be postponed. In a cruel twist of fate, the rescheduled Bike … Continue reading

Chick-fil-A Ride for Heroes

I’ve spent much of Nick’s deployment running. Training runs, social runs, and races have popped up on my calendar almost daily since March, so it’s been a fun and challenging change of pace to begin road biking this summer. I adopted my road bike, Doris, in June, and have tried … Continue reading

Thank Goodness for Running

              Thank goodness for running. Though I usually run with social running clubs on specific nights of the week, this week has been different. Allergy issues have manifested to the point that I needed to take the night off from my usual mid-length run, … Continue reading

Race #14: American Discovery Trail Half Marathon

Despite the big dose of Nyquil I took just before going to bed last night, I woke up repeatedly through the night with a runny nose and cough. When my 5:00 a.m. alarm clock went off it was all too early and I was all too tired. I hit snooze, … Continue reading

Running Through Deployment Race #11: Summer Roundup 12K

On Sunday, July 8th, my husband had been in Afghanistan for approximately 18 weeks, and I ran my 11th deployment race. In case you’re new to my blog, I’ve been “Running Through Deployment”; keeping myself healthy and goal-oriented while my husband is deployed. Running Through Deployment Race #11 was the … Continue reading

Running Through Deployment: Learning to Stop

I never thought I’d be a runner. When I was growing up, I was generally athletic, but never particular good at any individual sport. My brother was the athlete, and I excelled in creative endeavors like theater, music and writing. When I was 29, I decided that it would be … Continue reading

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