Adorably gDiapered Baby Bottoms

Adorable gDiapers MilliGFunk

  I never made a big decision about cloth diapering. I did do a lot of research, but I think that I knew before I started researching that I wanted to cloth diaper. The thought of using disposables just kind of icked me out. Maybe it’s my compulsive need to … Continue reading

Keeping the Stink Out: Cloth Diapering Pails

Keeping the Stink Out: Cloth Diapering Pails

We’ll be using gDiapers, a hybrid cloth diapering system. That means we’ll need a trash pail, a laundry bin, and a diaper pail in the nursery. Do you have any advice? Cloth diapering feels right to me for a bunch of different reasons, but I haven’t yet figured out the … Continue reading

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