Will You Help? A Once-in-a-Lifetime International Ambassadorship

#Come2Germany Ambassador

I’m in the runnings to become an official social media ambassador for the German National Tourism Office, so I decided to start an Instagram campaign called ‪#‎29Reasons‬ to‪#‎Come2Germany‬ to remind you to cast your votes, and to inspire you to visit this beautiful country I get to call home! Each day … Continue reading

Staying at the Smart Hotel in Tromso, Norway

The Smart Hotel in Tromso, Norway - MilliGFunk.com

Note: This post is in no way sponsored by Smart Hotel. I just wanted to share our excellent Smart Hotel experience with other budget-conscious travelers. I hope you enjoy this post! Norway isn’t a cheap country to travel in, so my husband and I wanted to find a clean, no-frills … Continue reading

Passion Projects

I really like my work as a freelancer: I get to make my own hours and choose my own clients and projects. I can keep my family first without making career sacrifices. In essence, I have the best of both worlds; personal and professional. Because my freelance work is profitable, … Continue reading

Branding Foundations for Home Based Businesses

If ten years of marketing and branding has taught me anything, it’s this: the most successful organizations have a clear sense of their own identity, and they communicate it really, really well to their customers. If my first 15 months of freelancing has taught me anything, it’s that when home-based-business pay … Continue reading

Authenticity in Branding: John Green

You might know John Green’s name because of his novel-turned-movie, The Fault in Our Stars, but I know his name because my husband and I sometimes watch his nerdtastic YouTube channel CrashCourse. Fast Company ran a story on Green in its June 2014 issue, and one thing stood out to … Continue reading

Creating Featured Image Templates for Your Blog

Your blog’s brand is made up of many things; your logo, your color palette, your unique perspective, your typefaces, your photography style, your voice, and your mission, vision and values. The visual attributes are often the first ones we notice about a brand (everyone knows McDonald’s Golden Arches). By creating … Continue reading

MilliGFunk on Tiny Business, Mighty Profits Radio

Thanks to Russ Henneberry for interviewing me for this week’s Tiny Business, Mighty Profits Radio show. (You might remember Russ from this post about the great people at the Show Me the Blog conference in October.) During our interview, Russ asked me some great questions about marketing, business branding, personal … Continue reading

Association of Fundraising Professionals St. Louis – Branding

Today is the St. Louis Association of Fundraising Professionals biennial conference, and I’ve been given the opportunity to present at the conference on social media and marketing special events. I’m thrilled not only to speak at the conference, but to be able to attend the conference, learning from other fantastic … Continue reading

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