Diversifying Your Income Through Blogging

MilliGFunk Freelancer

Diversify Your Income For the longest time, I resisted trying in any way to monetize my blog. Then my freelance work got little slower than I like. While ebs and flows are part of the nature of self employment, I started to understand the wisdom my fellow freelancers were sharing when they’ve … Continue reading

Day 15 of My 30 Day Pinterest Challenge

MilliGFunk's 30 Day Pinterest Challenge - Day 15

I kicked off a personal 30 Day Pinterest Challenge 15 days ago. “Does deleting pins help increase Pinterest engagement?” I wondered. It’s beginning to look like it does. Keep reading to learn more. Here’s what my Pinterest Analytics looked like on May 12th (Day 1): And here’s what they look like today, May … Continue reading

My 30 Day Pinterest Challenge

Pinterest Analytics MilliGFunk

Does deleting pins really help to increase Pinterest engagement? I’m about to find out. Here’s a snapshot of my current (May 12th, 2015) Pinterest analytics:   I’m getting an average of 895 daily impressions and 622 average daily viewers. Each month, I have an average of 8,367 viewers (awesome, right?), … Continue reading

Our Bavarian Bloggers’ Meet-Up at the Nuremberg Easter Market

Bonked Out Bloggers - Photo Courtesy of JavaCupcake

One of the best things about blogging is meeting — and learning from other bloggers. Last weekend was my first bloggers’ meet-up in more than two years, and this wasn’t just any meet-up; it was a meet-up of American bloggers living halfway around the world in Bavarian Germany. Betsy (a.k.a. @JavaCupcake) … Continue reading

Budgeting for Your Family’s PCS to Germany – AHRN.com

Melissa Gilliam Shaw - Content Creation - AHRN.com

This week, the Automated Housing Referral Network published the first in a seven-part content series I created for them. These seven posts detail the many expenses a military family should consider budgeting for before starting their PCS to Germany, and I hope that they help other military families to prepare … Continue reading

The Milli Meets the Funk: 8 Years of Blogging

I’m in the process of merging eight years of blogging from two different domains into one site: MilliGFunk.com. The process is technical: I have 50+ categories to sort through, redirects to establish, and decisions to make about domain ownership and branding. The process is also an emotional one, reminding me … Continue reading

Creating Featured Image Templates for Your Blog

Your blog’s brand is made up of many things; your logo, your color palette, your unique perspective, your typefaces, your photography style, your voice, and your mission, vision and values. The visual attributes are often the first ones we notice about a brand (everyone knows McDonald’s Golden Arches). By creating … Continue reading

Show Me the Blog St. Louis – It’s the People!

Prior to speaking at Show Me the Blog St. Louis I saw a few tweets and blog posts from other attendees offering advice on what to do, what to bring, and what to expect out of a first blogging or social media conference. In the last year, I’ve found myself … Continue reading

Show Me the Blog St. Louis Pre-Conference Mixer

On Friday night, October 22nd, Show Me the Blog St. Louis offered conference speakers, panelists and attendees a pre-conference mixer at a new space in downtown St. Louis: St. Louis Coworking. Let me first say how much I love the space that St. Louis Coworking is in. I’m a huge … Continue reading

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