Wordless Wednesday: German Beer Truck

Bier Post Beer Truck at Thurn & Taxes Market in Regensburg Germany on www.MilliGFunk.com

I fell in love with this antique beer truck (complete with taps on the side) at the Thurn & Taxis Palace Christmas Market in #Regensburg #Germany this year. We went last weekend on a date (22 weeks pregnant in this bump pic), and it was a really good time! #travel … Continue reading

The Prague Beer Museum

The Prague Beer Museum

Nick and I hit the road on the day after Thanksgiving for a weekend in Prague, Czech Republic. It’s not a far drive from our home, and we found a good deal on a hotel in the old town. We were able to park our car (for a small price) and … Continue reading

How to Taste 39 German Beers in 8 Days

39 German Beers in 8 Days

Once upon a time, I promised I’d teach you how you, too, could taste 2o different kinds of German beer in 4 days or less. Well, my dear readers, I’m a fan of that whole “under promise and over deliver” concept of customer service, so today on MilliGFunk.com, I will … Continue reading

Bamberg’s Famous Smoked Beer

Bamberg Rachbier

The town of Bamberg, Germany is adorably and historically German, with twisting cobblestone streets, a historic town hall built on an island in the middle of the city, and nine local beer breweries. Hitting all nine breweries in one day was a little ambitious, but we made it one-third of … Continue reading

Augustiner am Platzl

In a city that’s famous for its beer, there are a few breweries that stand out above the rest. Augustiner Bräu in Munich is one of them. Augustiner beer originated in the Augustinen Brotherhood monastery in the 1300s, and the Augustiner brand has adapted with each new era: During WWII, … Continue reading

The Most-Traveled Week of 2014?

Outside the Dom in Bamberg

The past several days has been one of the most fun… one of the very busiest… and most travel-some weeks of 2014. I’m looking forward to sharing stories and pictures with you of… München biergartens and brahäuser: beer, brats, bretzleln! How not to enrage a German beer maid Surviving Neuschwanstein (a.k.a. The … Continue reading

Kloster Kreuzberg

Kreuzberg Monastery Brewery

If you ask military families who have been stationed in Germany and enjoy beer, most of them will be familiar with Kloster Kreuzberg; a mountaintop monastery and brewery in Bischofsheim an der Rhön, Germany. This weekend, we visited Kreuzberg for the first time. The drive from Wiesbaden to Bischofsheim an der … Continue reading

Oktoberfest in Mainz, Germany

at Mainzer Oktoberfest

It may not be the “real” Oktoberfest in Munich, but the city immediately next door to Wiesbaden throws a pretty good Oktoberfest celebration, too. The town is called Mainz, and its Oktoberfest is called “Mainzer Oktoberfest”. Nearly everyone in the (enormous) tent wore lederhosen and drindl; from old ladies and … Continue reading

Being Snowed in Just Got Better

During the two years I lived in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, I became a big fan of Yuengling Lager. When I was in grad school, Yuengling was the best tasting inexpensive beer in Pittsburgh, and it was a local (to Pennsylvania) brewery, to boot. Yuengling isn’t available to purchase in the St. … Continue reading

Crown Valley’s Home Brewer’s Contest

Somewhere amidst the beautiful, rolling hillsides of rural Missouri in between Ste. Genevieve and Farmington is a tiny community called Kaufman. Kaufman used to have a school house, but that school house is now a brewery. That brewery held a home brewer’s contest on Saturday afternoon from noon to 4:00 … Continue reading

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