A German Community BBQ

Friends invited us to meet them in their village on Sunday for a community BBQ. Not sure quite what to expect, we drove to Hörmannsdorf excited to find out what a German BBQ would be like. The village of Hörmannsdorf is small enough that our friends’ directions, which told us … Continue reading

And So Begins JRTC

Oh, how the time flies by… When he came home from his last field exercise, we thought we’d get so much done before JRTC. We thought we’d have time to fit in fun things, wedding-related things, and things that weren’t much of anything at all. We thought that four weeks … Continue reading

The Best 12 Inches in the Midwest

Get your mind out of the gutter! I’m talking about 12 inches of the best meat in the Midwest. Not that kind of meat, people. This is BBQ we’re talking about. 12inches of BBQ kabobs for just $5.00. Yee-haw y’all. Welcome to Missouri! *** For more blogs about the Apple Butter … Continue reading

Small Town Missouri & BBQ

Baylee Jo’s BBQ & Grill is quite possibly some of the best food I’ve had since moving home. I had a bbq pork sandwich and curly fries. I expected the sandwich to be pulled pork, but it wasn’t. It was sliced pork, and it was really, really good. My friends … Continue reading

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