Road Tripping in Germany

One of the nice things about being stationed in Germany, instead of being a traveler here, is that we have a car and German driver’s licenses. What’s more American than a good, old-fashioned road trip? (Even if it is on the Autobahn). Since moving to Germany in May 2013, we’ve taken … Continue reading

Another Bathroom Post

I have discovered (by complete accident) several notable restrooms in the greater St. Louis area. You might remember the post I wrote about “greening” my own bathroom or maybe the post about the fine dining establishment’s bathroom in rural Missouri. Then there were my silly self-portraits in a Cape Girardeau … Continue reading

Another Bathroom Post

Today’s post is dedicated, once again, to notable bathrooms. Local Harvest, located in South City St. Louis, is a fantastic little cafe that offers spectacular local-produced foods. It’s also the only restaurant I’ve found in St. Louis that offers a vegetarian slinger (if you’re not from St. Louis, I’ll educate … Continue reading

Small Town Bathrooms, #2…I mean, Part II

I’ve been completely surprised that two very close friends have come through the rural Midwest recently! One of those friends and I spent an afternoon in Cape Girardeau, MIssouri, where we had lunch at a Cajun restaurant called Broussard’s. If you’ll look back several posts, you’ll see the ghetto bathroom at the … Continue reading


I experienced a bathroom in Missouri this week that was, um…notable. This particular “fine dining” establishment has opted out of ladies’ room stall doors completely, leaving the two toilets in plain view. There’s also full-length mirror in the bathroom which provides a clear reflection of yourself sitting on the closer … Continue reading

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