Surviving Deployment as an Army Wife: Exercise Helps

Alright ladies (and gents, if there are any of those reading), I’m going to be completely honest: 1. This week was a LONG one.  I worked long, intense hours this week on a new client account at work. The amount of good work we accomplished in just a few days … Continue reading

A Knock on the Door During Deployment

A few nights ago, when someone knocked on my door I realized for the first time what other Army spouses meant when they told me that a knock on the door or the ringing of a doorbell sends you into a ridiculous state of mind while your solider is deployed. … Continue reading

First Morale Call of My Husband's Deployment

You just wouldn’t know how much difference 15 minutes makes unless you’ve gotten your first call call home from your soldier during a deployment. When my phone rang at 10:30 p.m., I jumped. My caller ID showed the call coming from Belleville, IL, a town where I know no one. … Continue reading

My First Coffee

I’d heard rumors online about something called “Coffees”; social events held by and for smaller groups of Army officers’ wives. The word on the street – or on the Internet, as the case may be – was that Coffees could be great or terrible, depending on who the women were … Continue reading

Making the Most of the Time We Have

When he finally came home for a full month,he’d been gone for more than half the time I’d lived here with him in Colorado. It was hard to open up to him after so many weeks of limited communication at such a critical and transitional time in my life. While … Continue reading

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