Sometimes Rolaids Just Aren’t Enough

Sometimes Rolaids Aren't Enough on

Today I went to a special lunch. A lunch in the honor of myself and the other Taiwanese Luce Scholar, E. the Asia Foundation in Taiwan in Taiwan staff wanted to meet us, and we wanted to meet them. This was the perfect opportunity, but let me tell you: sometimes … Continue reading

My Very First Bubble Tea

My First Bubble Tea on

As part of my Taiwanese culinary adventures, I’ve now eaten at a street-vendor noodle shop and had my very first bubble tea. The noodles were good, but the tea was fun. 🙂 Bubble tea is a very milky tea (in different flavors) with big tapioca balls at the bottom. The … Continue reading

My Very First Day as an Expat

Melissa's Very First Day as an Expat in Taiwan from

  Originally written and published on my blog, A Year in Taipei on September 1, 2006. We’ve been in Taipei for 24 hours now. Here are my first impressions: First, no one seems at all affected by me. I’m one of the only Caucasians I’ve seen all day (a total … Continue reading

So You’re Moving to Taiwan: What Happens Next?

So You're Moving to Taiwan? Don't Panic!

Originally written and published on my blog, A Year in Taipei on April 12, 2006. The idea of leaving the country is really exciting to me, but the preparations are a little nerve-wracking. I have 38 days until I graduate from the Heinz School, and then only about two weeks … Continue reading

New on! #ThrowbackThursday to my #YearInTaipei

MilliGFunk at the National Theatre in Taiwan

Once upon a time, I won a fellowship that sent me to Taipei, Taiwan. The fellowship, called the Luce Scholars Program, sends 15-18 young Americans, who are considered future leaders in their field, to live and work in an Asian country for a year. The year I was selected, I … Continue reading

Teaching Nonprofit Marketing in Japan

Temple University Japan Campus

It’s on the website, so I feel like I can share the exciting news now: I’ve been invited to be a guest lecturer for Temple University Japan this February. The class, which is part of an international nonprofit management program on Temple’s Japan campus, will focus on strategic marketing planning for nonprofits. I’ll … Continue reading

Breakfast in Indonesia

Bali, Indonesia

My memories of Asia are sometimes sparked by the most common things. This morning, for instance, distinct memories came to me of an Indonesian breakfast as I was eating my own breakfast here in small town Missouri. Fresh cage-free eggs, unpasteurized cow milk (just milked from the cow on Thursday), … Continue reading

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