The Top 3 Things I Learned in My Pre-Command Spouse's Course

I just came home from an (awesome) week-long pre-command spouse’s training in Grafenwoehr, Germany. 30 Captains, Majors, and First Sergeants met in one classroom while six spouses met down the hall each day last week. We came from all over Europe (Germany, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands) to take the course, and … Continue reading

Busting the Myth of the "Typical Army Spouse"

If you believe that there’s such a thing as a “typical Army spouse”, I have bad news for you; the “typical Army spouse” is a big, fat myth. It’s a safety blanket for spouses who are too new or too scared or too removed from the Army culture to get … Continue reading

Terminology Tuesdays: APFT

The Army Physical Fitness Test — or APFT — is the fitness test taken by active duty soldiers take at least twice per year and by reservists at least once per year. The APFT, which is designed to test muscle strength, endurance, and respiratory fitness, consists of push-ups, sit-ups, and … Continue reading

Terminology Tuesday: The DFAC

Welcome to Terminology Tuesday at Marrying the Army! If you’ve been a military spouse for very long, today’s term may seem like old hat, but if you’re newer, you might like to know where your spouse eats meals on post. DFAC (pronounced “D Fack”) is the abbreviated name for the … Continue reading

Germany's Oldest City Part II

Yesterday I introduced you to Germany’s oldest city, Trier. I shared pictures of 2nd century Roman ruins, the 4th century Palastaula, and the town’s central market, market cross, and market fountain, built in 882, 958 and 1595, respectively. Today, I have more of Trier to share with you. Yesterday’s photos … Continue reading

Germany's Oldest City Part I

We spent Father’s Day on a day trip to Germany’s oldest city, a town near the Luxembourg border called Trier. Legend has it that Trier was established in around 2,000 B.C. Historians, however, believe that the city was established in 16 B.C. by the Roman emperor Augustus. Trier holds the … Continue reading

Marrying the Army's New Look

It’s been a hot, sticky day in Wiesbaden, and while I spent the morning out with some girlfriends, I spent the afternoon sweating in my un-air-conditioned home office, redesigning Marrying the Army’s logos and look. I have a lot of work left to do fixing kinks and streamlining formatting, but overall, I … Continue reading

Raison D'Etre

I’ve been quiet on Marrying the Army, Facebook and Twitter this week, and although it wasn’t scheduled quiet time, I’m glad that I took it. Not so long ago, Nick and I thought that we were trading in the Army life in for civilian life. As a result, I was … Continue reading

You’ll Have to Read this One to Believe It

You really wouldn’t believe the day we had today. If you’re pressed for time, skip the next four paragraphs (to the place where it says “***the good stuff***”) to get to the good stuff. ***setting the scene*** Our day began at 6:30 a.m., when we woke up in sleeping bags … Continue reading

Terminology Tuesdays: MWR

One of the acronyms that I heard used the most frequently in my first year or so as an Army wife was MWR. I heard my husband refer to the MWR when he was on a FOB in Afghanistan, I heard the MWR mentioned at battalion spouse meetings as a … Continue reading

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