It's Almost Time

It’s like the quiet before the storm. We’ve done everything that we know how to do to prepare for Nick’s deployment. We’ve signed the right legal documents, we’ve discussed the big subjects, and we’ve organized our home in a way that I can find the things I might need to … Continue reading

His Forwarding Address

We haven’t even lived in our new apartment long enough for all of our mail to be forwarded to us here, and now we have a new address to remember; my husband’s address in Afghanistan. As newlyweds, we’ve pulled together through a move we didn’t plan thanks to a realty … Continue reading

Birthday, Wedding, Moving & Deployment

At midnight, we were still awake, and we were exhausted. He looked down at his phone, and then turned to kiss me. “Happy Birthday” he said, and smiled. We’d planned to spend the weekend managing last minute preparations for our elopement ceremony. Our parents and siblings would be flying into … Continue reading

Hope and Fresh Air in Winter

Today is one of those rare Colorado winter days when the temperatures are warm enough to open the blinds, crack the windows and let some natural light and fresh air into our home. We’ve had a busy winter. Since mid-November, our travels have taken us to Ironman Arizona in Phoenix, … Continue reading

Deployment Fair at Fort Carson

We attended a deployment fair last night at Fort Carson. It was my first, and I’m not sure how I felt about it. There were representatives from Army Community Services (ACS), The Red Cross, Military OneSource, Military & Family LIfe Consultants, Tricare, Religious Services, the post’s Wellness Center, Family Readiness … Continue reading

Getting Hitched and Wearing TOMS

The idea of planning a wedding doesn’t exactly excite me. I’ve struggled with my fears of being a bride, and with my anxieties about standing in front of an audience wearing a puffy white dress. I’m defensive of the little bit of time my fiance and I have left together … Continue reading

Blogging from My New iPad

Tonight I’m astounded and dumbfounded and frankly, kind of amazed to find myself blogging from my brand new iPad2 – a completely unexpected Christmas surprise from my soon-to-be in-laws. I’ve always been blessed with an incredible family. My parent are some of the most loving and generous people I know, … Continue reading

Brides Across America Part 2: On the News!

Yesterday I shared a blog post about my incredible experience participating in the Brides Across America program at The Wedding Gallery in St. Charles, Missouri. Today I want to share with you some fun links that came from my participation in the program. You see, just as I came out … Continue reading

Brides Across America

Last week I had one of the most touching experiences of my adult life. I was given a beautiful, brand new, free wedding dress — no strings attached — just because I’m a military fiance as part of a program called Brides Across America. In order to qualify, brides can’t yet … Continue reading

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