Surviving Deployment as an Army Wife: Exercise Helps

Alright ladies (and gents, if there are any of those reading), I’m going to be completely honest:

1. This week was a LONG one. 

I worked long, intense hours this week on a new client account at work. The amount of good work we accomplished in just a few days was something I’m proud of, and I’m excited by how much I learned over the past several days.

The price I paid this week (I didn’t get much sleep, I spent long days in the office, I didn’t eat very healthfully, and I was tired by the week’s end) was worth the reward (confidence gained, new things learned, happy bosses and happy clients).

2. The week before last was a ROUGH one.

I struggled a lot the week before. I don’t remember a time recently when I’ve felt so overwhelmed, lonely or defeated, and the fact that I couldn’t identify any one clear trigger for my emotional avalanche only added frustration.

Usually one who can find something positive to focus on even in tough circumstances, last week I came up empty-handed on hope again and again. I didn’t want to talk to anyone, I didn’t want to do basic chores like laundry or grocery shopping, and I cried for no particular reason several times.

Thankfully, this week was less rocky, and the weekend is off to a good start.

3. Exercise Helps.

Sailin’ Shoes 10K – Race #9 in “Running Through Deployment”

This morning I ran the Sailin’ Shoes 10K in downtown Colorado Springs. This was Race #9 in my own personal mission to run my way through my husband’s deployment.

When I finished the race, I made my way to a park where there’s outdoor yoga every Saturday morning through the summer months. It’s hard to be grouchy when your yogi makes you do somersaults in the grass, so I counted the yoga class as a big win today.

Tomorrow I have plans to take Doris for a ride with some of the new acquaintances I made while volunteering at last weekend’s Garden of the Gods 10-Miler. Hopefully I don’t do anything stupid like fall off of her, since tomorrow will be my first road ride with anyone else around to see me spill.

Exercise isn’t helping Nick’s deployment pass by any faster, but it will at least helps me feel better about myself as I count down the months until he comes home again.

4. Gratefulness Matters

Consciously acknowledging what I’m thankful for has a strong effect on my mindset towards deployment. As we finished our yoga class today, our yogi challenged us to be grateful. Today I’m grateful for a strong, healthy body that allows me to use things like running and yoga to manage my emotions while Nick is in Afghanistan.


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