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New Moon Orchestra Dress Rehearsal MilliGFunk

Originally written and published on my blog, A Year in Taipei on April 24, 2006

Yesterday was Earth Day, and I couldn’t help but think that I’m about to have a much better idea about just what the Earth is. I’m going to be living on the other side of it in three months.

I play in the New Moon Orchestra, Pittsburgh’s Chinese orchestra. Today is our premier concert — meaning that today is the first time we’re playing an entire concert of our own — at Carnegie Music Hall in Pittsburgh. Yes, that’s right, today is my Carnegie Hall debut, lol!

In all seriousness, I had a huge wave of nerves sweep over me as I sat backstage after our dress rehearsal this morning, wearing my pastel blue Chinese blouse, listening to my Chinese orchestra colleagues bantering in Chinese.

Dress Rehearsal at Carnegie Hall in Pittsburgh MilliGFunk

In 26 days I graduate (with my master’s), and as early as two weeks later I’ll start my Chinese language training. My application forms had a place for me to sign saying that if accepted I’ll do my very best to speak NO ENGLISH once the first class begins.

I wrote more than 300 blog posts during my year in Taipei, Taiwan. I don’t know yet how many of those posts I’ll recreate on MilliGFunk.com, but for now, at least, you can come back each Thursday for a #ThrowbackThursday to my #YearInTaipei.

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Speak No English MilliGFunk

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