Small Town Missouri & BBQ

smalltowngirl w/mountain lion decor, photo by smalltowngirl's friend

MilliGFunk w/Mountain Lion Decor, Photo by MilliGFunk’s Friend

Baylee Jo’s BBQ & Grill is quite possibly some of the best food I’ve had since moving home. I had a bbq pork sandwich and curly fries. I expected the sandwich to be pulled pork, but it wasn’t. It was sliced pork, and it was really, really good.

Baylee Jo's BBQ, photo by smalltowngirl

Baylee Jo’s BBQ, Photo by MilliGFunk

My friends got BBQ beef, baked potatoes, stuffed jalapeños, and hamburgers. Everyone raved about the food. After a long day of swimming and playing at Johnson Shut-Ins, ice cream was a non-negotiable, so we all enjoyed soft serve twist cones, as well.

My favorite part of Baylee Jo’s though was the mountain lion pelt, though the giant bottle of Heinz ketchup was almost as amusing. Some days I’m reminded very blatantly that I’m not in New York City anymore. And you know what? Some days I’m totally okay with that.

Beauty in the BBQ Sign, photo by smalltowngirl

Beauty in the BBQ Sign, Photo by MilliGFunk

Baylee Jo’s BBQ & Grill is located in Arcadia Valley, MO on State Hwy 21. For more on Baylee Jo’s, check out their website:

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