Small Town Life is Good

I just have to tell you how great small town Missouri life has been to me in 2010, and by telling you about all of this, I think you’ll understand why I’ve been posting less often on A Small Town Girl’s Guide – I’ve been out doing so many things this year that it’s hard to find the time to come home and write about them!

Small Town Girl on a Boat

1. I’m training for my first half marathon, which means that I’m getting super-buff (!!!) and spending most of my free time running.

2. I’ve taken up a new hobby which also helps me feel buff. You’ll have to come back later this week to read more about that.

3. Cool side projects are popping up for me. From writing for additional magazines to potential sponsored travel opportunities to speaking at conferences on social media and nonpfrofits, things have been taking off in a great way outside of my blog. These projects mean that I don’t have quite as much time as I used to for exploring small town, Missouri.

4. By moving to a place where cost of living is so much more manageable than it was in New York City, saving money is easier. As a result I’m taking my first big vacation since moving back to the United States in 2007. Where am I going? You’ll have to come back tomorrow to find out.:-)

Moving from Taipei to New York City to 12-Miles-From-Nowhere has been awful at times. It’s been lonely as hell. It’s been trying and difficult, and it’s made me question who I am, what I want, and what I believe. Sixteen months after starting my job here in rural Missouri though, I can see that this move was exactly where I needed to be, even if I still don’t know all the reasons why.

Opportunities are unfolding that I could never have anticipated, and I’m living out dreams that I never thought I’d be able to accomplish. Sometimes we have to keep our eyes on horizons that seem far out of reach so that we’re on the right trajectory to crash into the amazing things life has in store for us. Wherever you are on your course in life, find that horizon and focus on it. Good things will come, I have faith.

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  1. Love that you came to our area. Glad to be along for the ride. Let me know anything I can do to move you forward.

  2. I have so enjoyed reading your Small Town Girl’s Guide Blog.
    Am so happy that you are feeling like being here is good for you, cause we are happy your in our lives.
    All kinds of exciting things happening in your life!
    Will check back and see the answers to number 2 and 4!

  3. I also agree that had you not made the move to MO, I wouldn’t have the funk in my life!! Besides it’s so nice to know someone else (besides me, of course) who can appreciate a great hat, the challenges of small town living all while moving toward professional and personal fulfilment… Can’t wait to hear of your new adventures and congrats on the 1/2 marathon!! Let me know when and where and maybe I can come cheer you on and post a few pics!

  4. Thanks everyone, you guys are awesome. If it weren’t for the friends I’ve made so far in my journey through small town life, I’m sure I wouldn’t feel so optimistic about things. I’m so glad I’ve met each of you – the power of social media is amazing.

  5. Good to hear things are going so well for you! Welcome to the ‘neighborhood.’


  6. We feel so blessed to have you closer to home! It’s nice to see you every other week or so – I feel sort of spoiled these days! Glad you’re here!

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