Small Town Girl’s Butterfly

I don’t know much about butterflies, but I know that it’s not every day that a butterfly lands on your hand and stays there for several minutes. That’s exactly what happened during my Missouri float trip on Monday, and it was like A Small Town Girl’s Guide if Walt Disney were directing the screenplay.

This cool little butterfly with a partially broken wing landed in this small town girl’s hand and stayed there for the longest time. When a sudden movement by a friend scared the butterfly away, I thought that our moment had ended.

Little did I know that the butterfly, who returned to me a few seconds later, had other plans. Again, the butterfly stayed with me for several minutes before flying away.

There are moments in small town life that are nothing short of magical. I feel lucky to have had one of them on Monday afternoon.

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  1. That’s a whole lotta awesome!

  2. What fun! Thanks for sharing.

  3. I’m a blogging friend of your Mom’s and had to stop by to read about your float trip and butterfly. I told your Mom that butterflies are attracted to beauty and this butterfly sure found it with you. Trip sounds like a blast. Best, Curt

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