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Time plays tricks on me sometimes. It seems like I should be able to close my eyes and be back in Brooklyn or Taipei or Pittsburgh, but it’s been years since I lived in any of those places. Missouri has been my home (again) now for two-and-a-half years, but sometimes it seems like so much less time than that.

It’s when I look at how much further I’ve come personally and professionally since leaving Brooklyn that I realize how much time has passed. Then I hoped to someday have readers enjoy my writing. Now I have the opportunity to write not only on A Small Town Girl’s Guide, but for other online and print publications, too.

Then I hoped to someday build a stronger relationship with my family. Now I get to go to Cardinals games with my dad or go to dinner mid-week with my mom. Then I dreamed of someday being in a place to begin planning for a future that included my own home and my own family. Each day I find myself coming closer to those goals, too.

When I saw my first guest post on the Missouri Division of Tourism blog, VisitMoBistro, this morning, I had that familiar feeling of time tricking me. On one hand, it felt like I’d just move to Missouri recently, but on the other hand, I realized that it was almost a year ago when the Missouri Division of Tourism staff and I discussed – for the first time – me writing guest posts for their blog.

I hope you enjoy reading my first post on the Division of Tourism’s blog, and I also hope that as you read it, you’ll remember that not so long ago, sharing my writing with people was still just a dream. Now that dream is real. What do you hope to do someday? Maybe now’s a good day to start working towards those goals.

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  1. We enjoyed reading your article. It’s good to see you writing from and about this area! Each story that you write teaches us something we didn’t know, and we’ve lived here for nearly 40 years. Please keep the stories coming our way :)

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