Saturdays in Wiesbaden

Happy Monday! Because everyone loves the weekends and no one loves Mondays, I’m going to spend Monday talking about Saturday. That’s okay with you, right?

With rare exception, you can find us at the Wiesbaden farmer’s market on Saturdays. We don’t usually stay for long, and we may not even buy very many things. We’re in Europe though, and riding our bikes to the weekend market just feels right to us.

This week’s farmer’s market keeps were less exciting to me than the time we spent together. We picked out a rhubarb danish from a bakery in the market, I found a cappuccino from a little coffee stand, and we sat down together on a wooden bench beside a huge, beautiful old church. We shared the pastry (which was really, really good, in case you were wondering), and I enjoyed my coffee while people bustled past with shopping baskets and bags filled with flowers and food.

To me, going to the grocery store is time to get into list-making, high-efficiency mode. Going to the farmer’s market, though, is time to put it in low gear, enjoying the people, the foods, and the energy around us.

What’s your favorite thing about Saturdays?

Do you have an little (or big) family routines on the weekends?

Does your community have a farmer’s market?

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