Running Through Deployment Race #10: Slacker Half Marathon

Father-in-Law and Me at Slacker Half Marathon                Packet Pick-Up

Race #10 in “Running Through Deployment” was the kind of race that made me feel like a true Coloradoan (not to be confused with being a “native”, which as any Colorado resident knows is a claim not to make falsely).

Race #10 was the Slacker Half Marathon, which started at Loveland Ski Area (elevation 10,630 feet) and ended in Georgetown, Colorado (elevation 8,400 feet).

I’d never run at above 7,000 feet before, and I’d certainly never run a 13.1 mile race that had a total elevation loss of 2,200 feet.

Me and My In-Laws, After the Slacker Half Marathon (Also Pictured: Tommyknocker Beer!)

There were some amazing views along the course, and there was beer at the finish line from one of my favorite breweries: Tommyknocker (Idaho Springs, Colorado).

The thing that made this race particularly memorable for me was that it was the first race I’ve run in Colorado where I knew so many other runners. My husband’s parents were in town, so we were able to have dinner on Friday, run together on Saturday and spend Saturday afternoon together as well.

I also knew 10 or so other runners from either various Colorado Springs running clubs or from volunteering with Triple Crown of Running.

More than Halfway through the Slacker Half Marathon

I wrote about my 10-month tipping point in Colorado – the point at which I finally started to feel like I was finding my community in Colorado Springs.

The Slacker Half Marathon was another one of those days that reminded me that even though my best friend can’t be here with me, there are amazing places to see and great people to share my races with while he’s away.

I’m glad that I’ve found a way to turn a really tough 9 months apart into something that gives me confidence and even inspires my husband during his deployment.

“Running Through Deployment” Race #10 –                          the Slacker Half Marathon

Completing Race #10 in “Running Through Deployment” felt substantial: It feels good to be adding to my own personal accomplishments at a time when I could so easily just be hiding behind his deployment.

Since running race #10, I’ve added registered for two more deployment half marathons, I’ve completed a 12K trail race, and I’ve registered for another 10K.

Thanks to my family, Nick’s family, Nick, our friends, and my co-workers for supporting me in this crazy journey, “Running Through Deployment”. Thankfully, the journey is more than halfway complete, and there are plenty of races to keep me busy in the second half!

A few favorite Slacker pictures:

Dinner with My In-Laws at Euro Grill, Georgetown, Colorado










Carb Loading










Father-in-Law and Me, Before Slacker
























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