Running Through Deployment: According to Garmin

Well, if this doesn’t make a girl’s day, slap me in the face and call me Shirley.

According to my Garmin, these are my “Running Through Deployment” stats:

Count: 50 Activities

Distance: 278.05 miles

Time: 157:22:56 hours, minutes and seconds of activity

Elevation Gain: 21,668 feet (I’m almost up Everest by that count!)

Calories: 24,621 (Bring on a celebratory glass of wine – I’ve earned it!)

These numbers only reflect what I’ve done in the 4.5 months since Nick left for Afghanistan, and what I’ve either worn my Garmin for or remembered to enter manually (there are some treadmill workouts, etc. that won’t be accounted for here).



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