Running Through Deployment + a Summer Cold

The Night Before the American Discovery Trail Half Marathon

I have one of those summer colds that leaves your balance a little off, your ears clogged up, your nose stuffed up (and also running), your throat sore, and your head pounding.

I also have a half marathon tomorrow at 6:30 a.m.


I’m doped up on Nyquil, dreading my 5 a.m. alarm clock, and planning to finish tomorrow’s 13.1 miles even if I have to walk a good portion of the course. I already know that it’s not going to be a pretty race.

Come back tomorrow night to hear how things went, and in the meantime, if you have any happy, healthy thoughts you wouldn’t mind sharing between 6:30 and 9:00 a.m. MST tomorrow, I think I could use all the help I can get.

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