Running Through Deployment – 19 Races

Running Through Deployment: Broomfield Turkey Trot 10K¬†I think that it’s time to give you the final recap on Running Through Deployment. For those of you who might be new to Marrying the Army, here’s the short version of who I am and why I “ran through deployment” in 2012.

I moved to Colorado just six months before my husband deployed out of Fort Carson to a forward operating base in Afghanistan. I’d started a new job, but hadn’t found my community yet in Colorado Springs, and I needed something to help keep me healthy and distracted while he was deployed. During the nine months he was away, I ran. A lot.

I completed 19 races, including 7 half marathons. I ran more than 730 miles and burned more than 53,000 calories (that’s the equivalent of 235 “donuts of misery“). That’s 60,000 feet of elevation gain and 383 hours pounding pavement and trails. Most importantly though, that’s a lot of stress burned and a lot of time with friends and family.

Every destination race on this list was run with at least one friend or family member. I saw my parents in St. Louis, ran with my in-laws several times, and with my best friend in 3 half marathons. Along the way, I also made friend in the Colorado Springs running community who stood by my side at weekly running clubs and local races; cheering me on, asking how Nick was doing, and helping me count down the months, days and weeks until he came home.

If “Running Through Deployment” can inspire even a few other military men and women out there, then it’s worth every Charlie horse, every IT band ache, and every ice bath. Thanks for stopping by Marrying the Army, and if you’d like to read more about “Running Through Deployment”, click on the links below for race recaps.

I’ll continue to run now that my ¬†husband is home again, and we’ll run our first race together on New Year’s Day (the Rescue Run here in Colorado Springs). Perhaps even more exciting is that he’ll be there to cheer me on through my first full marathon in January. I can’t wait to see him at the finish line, and to know that I’ve turned nine challenging months into a series of amazing race experiences, a stronger marriage, and a ton of confidence.

The Races of Running Through Deployment:

Race #1: Pueblo Chieftan Spring Runoff 10k
Pueblo, CO

Race #2: Hams & Hamstrings 5K
Colorado Springs, CO

Race #3: Credit Union Cherry Blossom 10-Miler
Washington, DC

Race #4: 5K on St. Patrick’s Day
Colorado Springs, CO

Race #5: Go! St. Louis Half Marathon
St. Louis, MO

Race #6: Eugene Half Marathon
Eugene, OR

Race #7: “Take 5 in the Garden” 5-Miler
Colorado Springs, CO

Race #8: Garden of the Gods 5K
Manitou Springs, CO

Race #9: Sailin’ Shoes 10K
Colorado Springs, CO

Race #10: Slacker Half Marathon
Loveland Ski Area to Georgetown, CO

Race #11: Summer Roundup 12K
Colorado Springs, CO

Race #12: Grand Prix Classic 10K
Colorado Springs, CO

Race #13: Grand Prix Top 10 (10-Miler)
Colorado Springs, CO

Race #14: American Discovery Trail Half Marathon
Colorado Springs, CO

Race #15: Fans on the Field 10K
Denver, CO

Race #16: Rock ‘n’ Roll Denver Half Marathon
Denver, CO

Race #17: The Other Half (Half Marathon)
Moab, UT

Race #18: Big Sur Half Marathon on Monterey Bay
Monterey, CA

Race #19: Redline Turkey Day 10K
Broomfield, CO

Race #20: The Rescue Run
Colorado Springs, CO

Race #21: P.F. Chang’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon
Phoenix, AZ

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