Our Run-In with God in the Grocery Store

Our Run-In with God in the Grocery Store

I like traveling to places where I don’t know the language — especially when it’s a language that uses characters I’m not familiar with. There’s something about complete local illiteracy that adds to the exoticism of travel.

Granted, I also like being able to speak and understand the local language where we live (German now and Mandarin when I lived in Taiwan), but for a long weekend, it’s kind of fun to stay lost in translation.

On our first day in Norway I had a fun little moment I never would have had if I spoke Norwegian. We went into a little grocery store to get bread for peanut butter and jelly sandwiches in our hotel room (we’re budget travelers) and saw these eggs.

Our Run-In with God in the Grocery Store - MilliGFunkThe God eggs are on the right (next to the potatoes) and the secular eggs are on the left, apparently.

“Morgen” is the same word in German and Norwegian. It means “morning”, so I assumed that “God” meant “good”.

If that translation is correct, then I guess the eggs on the right are also the ones you buy if you want to have a good morning breakfast, and the ones on the left are the ones you buy if you’re having brinner?

Either way, I laughed — especially since God was capitalized and morgen was not. In German, nouns like “Morgen” are always capitalized, so this contrast made the capitalization of “God” stand out even more.

I write this post totally tongue-in-cheek and hope that it makes you smile (just like the eggs made me smile). Happy Thursday, friends! May God be with you…and your eggs today.

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