Road Trip to Prague

The Charles Bridge in PraguePrague is the capital city of the Czech Republic, and it’s only about three hours away from most of the posts in USAG Bavaria. This weekend, we loaded up the SUV and took a family road trip to Prague.

The city is absolutely beautiful, with curving cobblestone streets and tall, ornate, pre-war buildings. It’s also international: it’s the fourteenth largest city in Europe, and it’s popular among tourists. Most restaurants and businesses had signage in Czech and in English, and we heard many different languages spoken as we walked the city streets.

We stayed in the Praha 1 Old Town at the Betlem Club Hotel (I found an great price on our rooms at The hotel wasn’t fancy, but it was clean, the staff was friendly enough, and the location was perfect. The building had loads of character, too: our room had vaulted ceilings supported by 14th-century wooden crossbeams, and breakfast (which was included in the price of our room) was served in what might honestly have been a dungeon. The room was below ground, and it had arched, stone walls. Swords hung on the hotel’s walls, and an Excalibur-sized sword was enclosed in a glass display case in the center of the breakfast buffet.

The drive into Prague from Bavaria wasn’t bad. It was around three hours each direction from our little town, and you never leave Autobahns or major Czech highways (unless your Garmin likes routing you through small villages, but ours would never do that). Once we arrived in Prague, we parked our vehicle and didn’t use it again until the trip home; the city is large, but all of the places we wanted to visit were within walking distance of our hotel.

We tasted flights of beer at the Prague Beer Museum. We wandered the Old Town Square Christmas Market and the Wencelas Square Christmas Market. We ate soup out of bread bowls, wild game meats, and fried cheese with tartar sauce. We walked over the Charles Bridge toward the enormous Prague Castle at dusk (see photo, above) and marveled at the city’s incredible architecture. We bid our farewells to the city with brunch at Cafe Savoy before hitting the highway home to Germany.

If you live in Bavaria, a road trip to Prague is a must! There’s so much to see and do, regardless of your interests, age, or travel budget. There are high end hotels and affordable hostels; places to party and places to appreciate arts and culture. We know soldiers who drive to Prague for tattoos and beer, and we saw dozens of billboards for orchestral and vocal music performances. Foodies will find restaurants, wine shops, and breweries and history buffs will stay busy, too.

Have you been to Prague, or do you daydream of going? What were your favorite placed in the city? Do you have any insider’s tips you’d share with other Prague travelers? Leave a comment!

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  1. I remember when you and I were there, the food amazed me. Everything was so good! Love your photo!

    • Jody, do you remember the beer tasting we did there? Holy cow, that was a lot of beer. Thanks for commenting today – I think of you often as we travel here. 🙂

  2. Yay I’m glad you guys had a fun trip! I definitely need to make plans to go there. How was the driving? I think we might take the train instead of driving…

    • The drive was easy, peasy, Jamie. 3 hours, and the laws were pretty much the same as in Germany. For the price of train tickets, driving was a win. If you decide to drive though, be sure to fuel up in Germany using your Esso card. Gas taxes there are really high – for half a tank of gas we paid about 3.5x what we paid for any given meal there.

  3. I hope you had cerne pivo! Dark Budvar beer is my favorite beer ever! When we were Prague (for 11 days because it was my favorite city) we walked everywhere and drank beer instead of water because it was cheaper. Did you go into the castle and attached cathedral? The windows were designed by Alphonse Mucha, one of my favorite artists, and one of the most famous Czech artists. Your trip has me wishing I could go back right now!

    • Elizabeth, it sounds like you and I need to talk before our next trip! We tasted several Czech beers, and found a few we liked and some we didn’t. We decided not to even try to go to the castle this time – it’s so huge, and our time was limited (plus it’s darned cold in Prague in November).

  4. Melissa! We are planning to go to Prague & Dubrovnik next fall on an Eastern Euro adventure! You’re whetting my appetite even more! Gorgeous photo, btw. 🙂

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  6. LOVE Prague. We went in 2008 and had quite the adventure when our train from Krakow dropped us off in a station south of our map, and our hotel was in a neighborhood north of our map. Thankfully my husband had been there before, so he somewhat knew his way around. Our first day we spent the entire time walking and getting lost in a drizzly rain. Our feet hurt so much we spent the remainder of the day in our room. The second day we took a guided tour to Kutna Hora — soooo good. You really should take another quick trip over there. There’s a beer hall there that was excellent, and the bone church. Man, I miss traveling.

  7. I’ve never been to Prague. The only parts of Europe I’ve been to were Germany and a sliver of Austria, just to say I’d been, when my husband was stationed there long time ago. I would love to go back and see more of everything!

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