Pregnancy Update: 34 Weeks

Happy Friday!

I’m 34 weeks pregnant today, and as I write this from my couch with my feet propped up, I’m wearing elastic-waisted stretch pants, struggling to keep my eyes open (3rd trimester fatigue is real), and feeling what I think is my baby’s head pressing against the lower ribs on my left side. Although I’m feeling a little bit tired these days, and even if ribs are perpetually a little bit sore, I’ve got to admit that the last ten days or so of this pregnancy have been great!

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33.5 Weeks PregnantMy belly is big, but I’ve not yet reached the oh-my-word-I’m-so-huge-I-can’t-see-my-feet point…yet.  I’m getting lots of fun comments and compliments, and I’m politely excused for absent-mindedly trying to push elbows and knees back into my belly. Sure, I’m a little bit uncomfortable, but people keep bringing me chocolate and baby presents and telling me how cute I look. I may not feel very cute, but I’ll take all the encouragement I can get.

I’ve also had two baby showers in the last ten days. Two of them!

Two Baby Showers

First, a very small group of ladies who I volunteered with for a big fundraiser in late 2015 got together to celebrate our Bavarian Baby Boy with an intimate brunch. The hostess is absolutely gifted with all things hospitality-related, so she had us over to her house (which is beautiful), where she fed us delicious food, and we visited for hours.

One of the neat things about having children overseas is that you never really know where your kiddo’s clothes, shoes, and other gifts will come from. Our little guy now has baby shoes made in Germany, clothes from Italy, and several goodies (including clothes and a changing pad) from France. Nick doesn’t know it yet, but the brunch crew and I decided on Bavarian Baby Boy’s name. He’ll be Pierre. 😉

On Monday I met with a friend on our Army post for a business meeting about an Etsy shop she and a friend wanted to open (I provide marketing consulting to small business owners) . I arrived at the little German Kantina where we’d agreed to meet, ordered myself a cup of coffee, and my friend lead me into a side room of the Kantina where her business partner was waiting.

Instead of a business introduction, I received a giant “surprise!” from 10 or so ladies I’ve become friends with locally in Germany. We had breakfast together, played two fun baby shower games, and then they showered me with presents for Bavarian Baby Boy. We were gifted all sorts of sweet things, including an offer for a newborn photo shoot from a photographer here who’s become a good friend of mine. It was a total surprise and a fantastic morning.

Here’s a picture of my friend Jamie, who planned the surprise shower and me. She’s due a little less than three weeks before I am, so we’ve been commiserating, co-celebrating, and generally serving as the others’ pregnancy confidant. Thanks, Jamie, for letting me use the picture you took at the shower here on MilliGFunk!

34 Weeks Pregnant

Third Trimester Nutrition

With two baby showers and Girl Scout Cookie season taking place over the last couple of weeks, I have to admit that I’ve probably eaten a little less healthfully than I should have. On the other hand, I’ve been eating 99% clean at home, following a meal planning schedule for our family, and trying to choose whole food snacks like fresh fruit, chicken, and fresh veggies as snacks whenever I can, so hopefully it balances out.

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I think it’s really easy to adopt the mindset that pregnancy is an excuse to eat anything that sounds good and/or everything in sight. Sometimes I kind of wish I didn’t know any better: that I could eat pancakes for breakfast every day, followed by Thin Mints and coffee as a mid-morning snack, McDonald’s drive-thru for lunch, an afternoon bag of chips, dinner, and a milkshake for a midnight snack.

do know better, though. I know that it’s in my best interest and the baby’s for me to eat wholesome foods that provide us with well-rounded nutrition, and that the empty calories from junk foods will only make my postpartum experience more frustrating.

FittaMamma offers tips on exercise in the first three weeks postpartum.

If you’re struggling to eat well during pregnancy (or any time, really), these three tips might help:

  • Have healthy snacks visible.
    • Keep fresh, cleaned, sliced veggies and fruit at home, and put them where you can see them. If you hide them in the crisper drawer but keep cookies on the counter, I can tell you right now which one you’ll be more likely to eat.
    • Nuts are another great, healthy snack to keep on hand. The less additives in the nuts, the better, especially if you’re experiencing swelling during your pregnancy. Salted nuts will only make you retain more water, but unsalted nuts or trail mixes can be a good source of healthy fats and protein, both.
    • If you’re pregnant in the winter, remember that frozen fruits and vegetables are a just a little better for you than canned ones are, since they usually retain a bit more of their nutritional value through the freezing process than they do when they’re canned. If you buy canned fruits and vegetables, remember to read the ingredients to look for things like high fructose corn syrup and other sweeteners and flavor enhancers that can be counter-productive to your healthy nutrition goals.
  • If you’ve gotta buy junk food, buy it in single-servings.
    • I’m human, and I get the same intensely human junk food cravings as anyone else does. Instead of buying a half-gallon of ice cream though, I buy a single-serving crate of it or swing through afast food place and get a small ice cream or milkshake (or whatever it is I’m craving). If I buy an entire bag of chips or cookies or a big container of ice cream, I’m more likely to over-eat (especially since I tend to eat emotionally or absent-mindedly). If you’re anything like I am, skip the big containers and choose single serving indulgences when you need to satisfy a craving.
  • Plan meals in advance. 
    • If you have 2-3 healthy meals cooked and in the fridge at the beginning of each week, you’ll be able to use those meals for lunches and dinners. This will help you eat real/whole foods instead of the convenience foods (the grab & go type things that we so often eat when there’s nothing better around) that are often loaded with preservatives and empty calories.

Craving chocolate cupcakes? Try these ultra-moist chocolate beetroot cakes instead. They’re delicious!

DSC_4203A nurse midwife friend of mine has two teenagers at home. She swears that one of the best investments she makes for her family each week is that she orders a tray of pre-cut fruit and veggies from our local grocery store if she doesn’t have time to clean and cut fresh fruit and veggies herself. Her whole family eats healthier when she does that, and she says that if she mixes some ranch seasoning into a container of sour cream, her kids easily eat twice as many vegetables because the dip adds a little extra pizazz!

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For more tips on healthy and active pregnancy, be sure to visit my active pregnancy sponsor, FittaMamma offers comfortable, supportive workout clothes, nutrition tips, and more on their website, and they ship all over the world!  In this post, I’m wearing FittaSupport Maternity Fitness Capris and the FittaMamma Pregnancy Support Workout Top in white.

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I’m grateful for the ongoing opportunity as a blogger to work with such a fantastic brand. Come back every Friday to follow my second pregnancy with my #FittaMammaFriday posts!

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