Prague Christmas Market

Prague Christmas Market

After Christmas-market-hopping all over the western side of Germany last winter, we decided to check out this year’s Christmas market in Prague, Czech Republic.

Our road trip to Prague was a quick and easy one. Once we parked our car at the hotel, we were able to navigate the city easily on foot.

Prague has two main Christmas markets. One is in Old Town Square, and the other is in Wenceslas Square. Both were within a ten minute walk of our hotel. The Old Town Square Christmas Market (pictured here) is the larger of the two, and is where the town’s impressively large Christmas tree stands. There were a few dozen vendor booths, including food vendors and gift vendors.

The Wenceslas Square Christmas Market was smaller, and also had a mix of food and gift vendors. Some of the foods were similar to what we see at the German markets; sausages in a roll, hot mulled wine, and chocolate-covered fruit-on-a-stick. We saw something in Prague that we didn’t see at any of last year’s German Christmas markets though: Hogs on spits. In retrospect, I guess we should have tasted the ham, but we were perpetually full following our Thanksgiving feast and taking our Czech beer tastings and dining outs into consideration.

We were a little bit disappointed by how touristy the Prague Christmas Markets were. We saw the same basic gifts sold at booth after booth. The rotation of gift vendors included ceramic gifts, wooden gifts, and woolen gifts. Ceramics included miniature houses like what you’d put in a Christmas village, mugs, and beer steins.

The wooden gifts were mostly mass-produced, laser-cut clocks (made to mimic the style of Prague’s famous Astronomical Clock) and ornaments. The woolen items were also very toursisty, for example: machine-made mittens with the word “Prague” embroidered on the cuff.

One really neat vendor we saw in Prague was a blacksmith who was forging metal bells by hand. Most of the bells were design to be mounted from an outside wall, like an old-fashioned door bell. We loved the idea of them, but given our frequent Army moves, we weren’t sure we’d always have a place to hang one. We picked out a smaller, ceramic bell for our tree instead.

Overall, our trip to the Prague Christmas Market was fun and romantic. We had a good time, but our visit to Prague didn’t change our mind about this: That the best Christmas markets are in Germany’s small towns. Hopefully I’ll be able to write about some of our favorite small town Bavarian markets yet this season. Have you been to European Christmas markets? What were your favorites?

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